Back to basics

It's not complicated, it's just difficult to master. The art of living, and of living well. I've been drifting for a while now, content with gliding along. Not realising that by doing so, I chose the easy option. To glide, is to move smoothly and with ease, overtaking obstacles and travelling in a fluid motion. But life doesn't work like that, it was never meant to be a simple task. Paths have cracks, roads have blocks and when we're stopped to face them, we're forced to take a different route.


How to not be unhappy

Step 1: Read this article

Step 2: Do this

Step 3: Do everything else up until this point you've just been talking about

Et voilĂ , you may not be 100% happy, but you'll certainly be closer. As I no longer have Facebook or Instagram, I've taken to Tumblr to express myself creatively (without the added bonus of seeing what 500 of my close friends had for lunch that day). View and follow here