The art of practice

For whatever reason, these past two weeks I can't seem to get out of my head. I know this might alarm some of you, because over thinking is just so unlike me (sarcasm for newer readers). So doing what I do best, I've stayed at home these past weekends and wallowed in self-pity. See when you're down and out, old habits have a familiar way of creeping back in, as if to say 'things were never really that different.' Where I'm getting stuck is reflecting back on this year, which has been by far the best I've had in years, and trying to work out if I'm going backwards or forwards.That might seem like a contradiction, because having 'the best year' would surely indicate some sign of progress. Unfortunately for passionate and somewhat impulsive Leo's like myself, there never really is a happy medium. So when I'm not busy going out every second night, I'm sitting at home scrolling over the same story in my news feed waiting for plans to magically happen.

                                       PRACTICE! from FANTAVIOUS FRITZ on Vimeo.



 (Images via this rad girl)

It was one of those nights.

Convincing myself I'd get an obscure piercing, or maybe a tattoo.

One of those nights, where I'd glance at the sky and wish I were the moon.

The way it glows and then disappears, growing and getting smaller all over again.

A kind of light I'd like to be, only a light that never ends.

It was one of those nights, where I wanted to be on the next flight somewhere.

To Europe, South America, or wherever. Just anywhere

It was one of those nights I wore my old clothes and a bare face.

I could have painted it on, but I much prefer an uglier fall from grace.

It was one of those nights when it seemed all so trivial, so pointless.

The constant buzz of my phone, the gratifying social mess.

A strange thing about nights like these, is that it's terrifying when it's over.

That tomorrow should come, and a new moon should draw closer.

But I have to learn to love the light, to let it in and say goodbye to these long nights.
For while I love the darkness and the drama that it brings.
I'd much rather be surrounded by all the young and bright things.