Complaint-free for 21 days

 (vIa A Conversation On Cool- the raddest blog ever.)

It's official, three posts in seven days! It's pretty standard for most bloggers, but seeing as I don't exactly fit that mold, allow me to have this small victory. I've been feeling more inspired than usual to write, and part of is due to the fact that I've been observing more than usual. I've observing my behaviour not only towards myself but to others, and I've found a few things right and wrong about what I've been doing.


A guide to not pissing off your server

(From the greatest movie about hospitality EVER..'waiting)
When you get bad customer service somewhere, and often from a disgruntled waitress who clearly hates her job you wonder, “Well why work there?". But when you’re on the other side of the counter a more appropriate question to ask is, “Well why are you such an asshole?". After working in a cafĂ© for two years, this has become my reality. And I feel so strongly about this that I’ve taken to expressing my frustration in a blog post that outlines all the annoying things customers do to piss off their server. Before I unleash, I think it’s very important to note that the majority of my customers are super super nice, and we’re lucky to only get one or two assholes per week.