Don't worry about a thing

(Never without his 'specials herb'- imagia via Tumblr.)
And I'm back, which didn't take long at all. But realistically, it was only a matter of time before I was going to have something to say. One thing I have been doing is reading a lot of Bob Marley quotes, as most single white females do in their spare time. Obviously quoting Marley is a bit of a cliche if you want to appear somewhat in tune with his Rastafarian spirituality; a far cry from the middle class suburbia I've grown up with. But reading through his thoughts throughout the years, it's so easy to see why he developed such a huge following even after his passing. What he grasped so well, is that everything really could be so easy and beautiful if you accepted things for they are, and not what they should be.


A scheduled break

I suppose the perils of writing would eventually be running out of material. Fortunately for me having thoughts and observations circulating my head every few minutes, it never seems to be a problem. Unfortunately for me having a blog as an emotional outlet often means that I can be a little too self-aware, which in my opinion diminishes the purpose of being vulnerable in the first place. Don't get me wrong, I don't agonize over every sentence I write in anticipation that someone somewhere might not approve of it, I just talk about what I know. Lately though, a friend of mine brought into question the idea that I cared a little too much about what people thought, and it really made me reconsider a few things.