Kick, push.

An interesting thing about being 24, is that while my age is meant to project some kind of natural 'maturity', I seem to be doing more teenage things then my teenage self did.One of those things, is buying copious amount of sneakers and desperately trying to wear them with everything I own. Lucky for me, hipsters have made this look desirable..unlucky for me, hipsters have made this look desirable.
(HD video..can't you tell?)


Uncovering: Matera, Italy

With a ticket waiting for me set for an unknown date, I thought a good way to release some of my travel woes would be to write about them. When Italy comes into conversation most people always mention Rome, Florence or the Amalfi Coast..the quintessential tourist stops. While I'm also enamoured by larger than life fountains and sparkling shores, I can't help but think that there is so much more to Italy than what's been made famous by travel guides. This brings me to a new feature on Sin Nombre: Uncovering. An exploration of parts of the world of which we might not know much, but should know more about.