(Hanging on my mirror, so I never forger)

I want to tell you some things, and I hope you will listen. About a year ago my Great Aunt and I were going through her old jewellery, picking out what she considered 'rubbish', and telling stories about the sentimental pieces she couldn't part with. She pulled out a necklace with a big metal circle in the middle, and told me that it was broken, directing it to the 'rubbish' pile. I looked at it and asked her if she had the missing part (a pale yellow stone that went in the middle of the circle) and said she did. So I took the necklace and the stone, and told her that it was easy to fix and that I would do it for her. For a year it sat on my table in my room, and the other day I happened to look at it and thought 'next week I'll fix it and take her out to coffee.' Today she passed away, and now I'm left with a broken necklace.


'Just do you'

Entering a new year alone, can be a pretty underwhelming experience. For starters when midnight strikes on the 31st, you're forced to avoid eye contact with loved-up couples and instead stare at the fireworks optimistically, like all of your hopes and dreams will soon ignite with them. But there has to come a point for us singles, when you put aside expectations for the future, and focus on something more tangible like the now. 

(The cake I like to call 'The Bogtrotter', if you don't get it..you had no childhood).