Hello ego.

(You're not Jesus, you're just Kim's side man- via here on Tumblr)
Ever since he uttered the phrase "Taylor Imma let you finish..", I never thought anyone could exceed the ego of a man that is Kanye West. And then it occurred to me that we're all capable of being egotistical wankers, some of us are just better at suppressing it than others.


Ride on

A beautiful soul posted this article on her Facebook, and for finding it on this particular night, I’m eternally grateful. 
(Image via Tumblr..forgot where..it's 12am and I'm tired.)
‘I think it comes easier for me to fill up on amazing things because I never had any preconceived notion of how or that they would come in the first place. I never tainted all of the avenues in which they could come by being so attached to how it looked that I shut down other possibilities. I knew how I wanted to feel, and I kept feeling…that.’