Twenty five.

(Stills from the movie 'Sin Nombre' and homage to my first ever post here)
In three hours, I'll reach that age that everyone in the 20-24 age bracket seems to fear. Sometimes I feel myself saying it with an exasperated sigh just for emphasis, when really the thought of it doesn't terrify me much at all. What makes me cringe the most is the memory of my younger self and all the faux pas I've committed throughout the years (and not just the bandages of clothing that I used to wear out).


Hello ego.

(You're not Jesus, you're just Kim's side man- via here on Tumblr)
Ever since he uttered the phrase "Taylor Imma let you finish..", I never thought anyone could exceed the ego of a man that is Kanye West. And then it occurred to me that we're all capable of being egotistical wankers, some of us are just better at suppressing it than others.