Leading lady- Iingrid Helene Håvik

 (Iingrid Helene Håvik by Andras Hegyle, second source unknown)

 Thought it was time for a bit of shake-up, as there is only so much of my life I can write about, and that I'm sure you can stand to read. Music is something that is apart of everyones life, no matter how bad you perceive somebody else's taste to be (Iggy and Taylor are both exceptions to this). Personally even though I find myself listening to music everyday, lately I've been appreciating it a bit more and in a different way. Say for instance the way a song can instantly transform your mood, and make an ordinary walk to your day job less like a walk to the fiery pits of hell


Natural medicine

(A picture of flowers, so they never really die)

A little something about me, I've been taking anti-depressants for the past two years on and off. I know why my depression started, and can recount to you the exact moment standing in my kitchen when I broke down and told my Dad that 'I wasn't happy.' It took a long time for something to be done, because so often a down moment can be interpreted as circumstantial. And so a few months later when I hadn't managed to bounce back as quick as they thought I might have, off to my GP we went. He presented me with a quiz with a sliding scale of how I felt at times, and honestly it felt as though I was taking a Cosmo quiz for depression. It felt too easy to convince him I was unhappy, and it made me wonder whether handing out anti-depressants has become too convenient.